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IPV6 or IPV4?
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IPV6 or IPV4?

In terms of performance and SEO, which would be the best one to use?


  • Only speed,url structure, content matters.

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  • The common approach is to use both

  • I always use both if IPv6 is provided. What'd happen to a website if only IPv6 is down? I'm using HostHatch and IPv6 isn't stable.

  • If you don't knowthat, I suggest you use ipv4 (both for work computers and servers), because if you only use ipv6, you won't be unable to access many websites like github, which will cause unnecessary problems for your work.
    If you are looking for faster network speed, I don't know ipv6 routing so I can't help you

  • In most cases there are basically no differences. The best practice is to use both.

  • both

  • If you use GeoIP heavily on a particular service, there's an argument for using IPv4 only which tends to be better mapped, otherwise seems pointless not to offer both.

  • @Thrash4875 said: performance and SEO

    It won't have much of an impact (as long are as good with ipv4 & ipv6). But running an IPv6 only setup means that some people won't be able to access your website. You either have to run IPv4 only or dual stack (v4+v6).

  • WebProjectWebProject Member, Host Rep

    IPv9 - the future of networking, the same as 6G 😂

  • Normally v4's global route and interoperability is stronger

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