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how to install windows server? (1gservers)
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how to install windows server? (1gservers)

so sad, i received my black friday server and cannot manage how i can install windows server on it.

i have access to KVM Java console, so i tried to attach windows iso but after restart it sends me to BIOS menu after a "no media found" error message (booting uefi virtual cdrom)

next i tried and it recognizes the ISO but it gets me to this step and i don't know what to do here :s

any detailed guide please? :cry:


  • 1gservers1gservers Member, Patron Provider

    Unfortunately we don’t directly support windows on our side, which is why we don’t offer it. Having said that, there’s no technical reason why you couldn’t install it into your server with us. If you’re booting into the ISO using UEFI Virtual CDROM, it should boot into the windows installer. Make sure the BIOS boot settings are in UEFI mode.

    Aside from that, make sure that you’re not opening the KVM virtual console from our portal. Instead, goto the Supermicro IPMI web interface and goto Remote Control - Console Redirection. If you’ve opened the KVM console from within our portal, the ISO mounting won’t actually let you boot from it due to a technical issue.

  • @1gservers said:

    thanks, i tried few times more and got the installation of windows working <3, took around 10 hours but definitely worth the wait

  • 1gservers1gservers Member, Patron Provider

    Glad you were able to get it working. Cheers

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