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Managed vs self-hosted storage solution
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Managed vs self-hosted storage solution

Hi! I am planning to own a storage in the cloud and trying to understand caveats and challenge both the solutions - managed like koofr, filen, pcloud etc... and self-hosted like nextcloud in a storage vps - might bring.
Can you please help me out here?


  • stonedstoned Member
    edited November 2022

    Primary storage: Daily driver 2TB NVMe, will grab another since BF deals, and have 4TB. This runs BTRFS and I do daily snapshots and backups using btrbk

    Primary Backup: 2x 2TB Seagate Barracuda for ZFS self storage, critical data lives and backups live here. Will add more disks later and convert to RAIDz2. I should have done a RAIDz to begin with. Oh well.

    Secondary Backup: 1x 4TB WD Blue cold store, dump data there, hopefully not have to read. Going to buy few more 4TB and convert to RAIDz2, maybe 3. This runs nextcloud, and is available at with nextcloud over wireguard VPN.

    Then I need offsite backup, at least in 2 locations.

    I bought this BF 2022:

    • KS-1 - 2TB 0 - 5.99/mo + 5.99 setup
    • KS-1 - 2TB - 5.99/mo + 5.99 setup
    • 1x KS-LE-1 - 2x 960GB Intel SSD (almost 2TB) - 18.99 + 18.99 setup
    • HostHatch Storage VPS, 2TB storage - $110/3yr = 36/yr = $3/mo for 2TB storage

    Nextcloud isn't very CPU intensive, it's a php software, should be able to run on even storage VPS, and you can use that to dump your data on. I run self hosted email, self hosted pretty much everything. It's great reward. I have lost data, precious data, before in my youth, due to my ignorance of data storage and the need for backups, so now I'm not going to lose anything. I also want to setup a large storage online with nextcloud so family can also dump their data there. Family also has lost access to icloud in the past, phones lost, computers irrecoverable due to theft, etc. etc. So this time I want to self host literally everything I possibly can and make sure my infrastructure is good. Since I've recently gotten started, I just need to order a few more HDD for redundancy and I'm set.

    I also need surge protector and UPS. Self hosting isn't easy but it's very rewarding. You control and own your data.

    I got 2x KS-1 with 2TB drives, but no redundancy there, single disk systems. So I'm wondering if I should xfer these 2x KS-1 to someone on LET and grab storage VPS instead, since they are likely to be on RAID, like hosthatch, (I was told).

    With self hosted, you manage hardware yourself, pay for electricity yourself, everything yourself. With storage VPS, you don't worry about that, as it's IaaS. They worry about infrastructure. You still have to manage the software and admin that part, like nextcloud, setup, install, configure, harden/secure, learn to use, etc. etc.

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  • Thank you for the reply @stoned . So, storage VPS (from hosthatch) for data dumps and backups is a worthy and reliable choice? I might build a nano home server using RPi(if I manage to get one in 3 months :3), attach my 2x 512GB SSDs and run nextcloud on it, but I am worried about the reliability (connectivity and ip) and maintenance.

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