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Can a wordpress site be migrated from a VPS to shared hosting?
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Can a wordpress site be migrated from a VPS to shared hosting?

Hi! I have what I think is a simple question.

I currently have a very low traffic website (handful of hits per month) that I pay a monthly VPS for. I like having control of the box but in reality this isn't really needed. Is it possible to take a backup of wordpress and restore it in on of those $1/year shared hosting deals? Thinking that if I'm going to do this, might as well do it on black friday.



  • InceptionHostingInceptionHosting Member, Patron Provider

    Long time no see :)

    Yes it is possible, just like migrating from anywhere, just dump the database on the VPS, use the phpmyadmin on the shared hosting to import it and restore your files from your public web directory.

    You may need to tweak the permissions on your database but it should be fairly simple.

  • kasodkkasodk Member
    edited November 2022

    Yes, you can migrate it with a plugin.

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  • Dump the database as mentioned, copy your wp-content folder. This will have the images, plugins, etc.

    Use the shared host CPanel to create a new Wordpress site, then copy your DB and folder back.

  • This. Youll be done in a few clicks

  • i can migrate it for you to your 1$ shared hosting just for 99$

  • raviravi Member
    edited November 2022

    You can also use updraftplus plugin for migration.

    And you can always do manually.

  • WebProjectWebProject Member, Host Rep

    We can help you to migrate to our shared hosting:

  • In my opinion... bet way to do this for beginners or people that wants to do this quickly. Use the All-in-one WP Migration by servmask. This is how it works:

    -Go to your current wordpress instance in the old hosting. Login, install that plugin. Create a file backup. Download the backup.

    -Install wordpress in your new host, you may use softaculous for this as this is usually included in shared hosting.

    -Update A record to point to the new hosting provider in your registrar. OR force resolution by using your local host file in your workstation so that you can resolve to the new environment using your domain name.

    -Go to your new wordpress instance , install the same plugin (All-in-one wp migration by servmask).

    -Upload your backup into your new WP instance using the plugin (All in one wp migration menu options.


    -If successful, in your new wp instance, go to the wp admin dashboard , you will be asked to login with the old credentials (new credentials are gone), and head to wp settings ->permalinks and click apply so that htaccess gets created/updated.

    Done. (Make sure A record in domain is pointing to new hosting environment).

    Notice that if your backup is really large, you may need to buy an addon plugin (All - in -one wp migration - unlimited extension that removes the plugin limit for backup restore size.

    Works every time. However that addon for "unlimited" size backup is required.

    If budget is an issue (in case you have to buy the addon, some may not need it), do the process manually.

    Zip files, dump DB, upload to new host, A record update. etc. Or even better ask your provider to do it for you, if you trust them.

    Manually is simple too but more places to make mistakes if you are not experienced.


  • hacktekhacktek Member
    edited November 2022

    Thank you all for your suggestions! Time to look for some shared hosting deals :)

  • Done!

    Got the @ExonHost deal and successfully migrated the site using duplicator. The site was very small so I'm assuming that it was under the limits of the free version. Everything worked without a hitch.

    Thanks all!

    Thanked by 2kkrajk ExonHost
  • Everyone gave good explanations, a simple plugin does the job. Just don't forget to migrate emails too ;)

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