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Your storage deal recommendation
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Your storage deal recommendation

Hey all,

I see several storage deals. I am looking for community input on which providers they think are the most reliable and use that to weigh in on which a deal makes the most sense, regardless of price.

I am looking for about 200 GB of storage, anything more is good. And at least 2TB transfer. Ram can be 256-512 mb. I usually run Ubuntu. KVM not needed. Us location required. Mid to west preferred. East ok.

Thank you all and happy holidays.

Who wants to be a mind reader?
  1. What do you think I will do with my storage VPS?4 votes
    1. Stash that good good quietly and then turn it off
    2. Let an organic “idle” city grow
    3. “Fold” those haters away
    4. Be as naive as a “miner”


  • Reliability doesn't matter, making 2 separate backups with less reliable providers is better than going with 1 single reliable provider. Pick two cheap deals and you're good.

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