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Questions about Storage servers
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Questions about Storage servers

As BF deals are starting show up I was wondering about storage servers (mainly HDD ones) that is offered by providers.

What do you use storage servers for? Is it overkill to use it for personal backups or is it mainly used for seedbox reasons? Anything specially to look for like RAID 60 or RAID 10, or what does actually RAM or CPU matter on storage servers? Is it in cases for Nextcloud usage?

Just trying to find out if it's overkill to just use a storage server for personal backups or is it better to go with AWS etc. (with encrpyted files ofc)


  • I guess most people use storage servers for file storage that doesn't require high speed (like SSDs).

    For backups, you can use a storage server or directly backup to an S3-compatible provider.
    At the end of the day, if you encrypt your data before uploading it, the destination doesn't matter.

    I use Duplicati for backing up my Windows PC to the cloud, directly to iDrive e2 (only $4 for 1TB for the first year). Backup files are encrypted.

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  • I use my storage server to run minio for S3-compatible storage. That ties into backup for logging and file preservation.

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  • SmartHostSmartHost Member, Patron Provider

    We seem to get Plex users heavily as well, as well as clients utilizing for backup purposes of other existing services they have with us.


  • One for backup, and another one for backup of backup

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  • Hetzner's managed NextCloud instances (Storage Share) is a good and cheap option too.

    Supports WebDav for backup software, but also includes 28 backups, not included in the storage allowance.

    Basically, you pay for 1TB (or more) and you also get 28 backups, not deducted from your storage space.

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