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What's your monthly expenses for server ?
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What's your monthly expenses for server ?

While loitering around waiting for my next class, I thought to track my vps expenses. After digging through my invoice, my consumption came to $97.33/month.

The number on parentheses meant the amount of server I have with same recurring price, for example 6.25 (3) is the cost of my three BudgetKVMSG-2 ($25 a year → (25/12) × 3) from GreenCloudVPS.

I consider this is a great deal, $32.33 month for 11 different server in GCV is pretty cheap— before finding LET, I used to purchase vps from hostinger, they cost me $20 for 3 months for single vps, I remembered they used ovz for virtualization.

What's your expenses ?



  • DPDP Administrator, The Domain Guy

    Not much.

    About $20+/month for like 5 or 6 VPSs.

    Others are yearly.

  • $1.7 currently.
    (will probably change very soon)

  • 50$

  • I have yearly plans from hosthatch and racknerd. I pay about $150/year. I am also considering to buy yearly plan from "green daddy" blackfriday promo. 😂

  • MMzFMMzF Member

    What you guys do with this many vps? :smiley:

  • about 25EUR/mo
    Netcup RS1000 G9.5 x1 - 10EUR/mo (Current mailserver)
    PHP-Friends vServer G3 x1 - 9EUR/mo (currently idle)
    Contabo Cloud VPS S x1 - 7EUR/mo (application server)

    Aaaand... SYS dedi... 40EUR/mo (backup/storage), but after the price hike, I will move out soon.

    So... 66EUR/mo

  • Free, all my sites and apps running on multiple AWS accounts and a few Oracle Accounts 👀👀

  • greencloudvps (5 vps) $134.5 anually
    speedypage £3.15 monthly
    server-factory $12.5 quarterly
    nexusbyte $38 annually
    racknerd (2vps) $62 annually
    virmach (2vps) $26.15 annually

  • kdhkdh Member
    edited November 21

    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 97.6$ /mo
    Amazon Web Services 8.7$ /mo
    Google Cloud Platform 13.5$ /mo
    BuyVM 10.50$ /mo
    Kimsufi KS-LE 19.99$ /mo
    Kimsufi KS-1 4.99$ /mo
    Hetzner ~4.99$ /mo
    RackNerd 2.00$ /mo
    Interserver 3.00$ /mo
    Scaleway ~1.00$ /mo
    Gullo ~0.25$ /mo 3.50$ /mo
    Other Various Providers ~4.00$ /mo

    Quite a lot.

    Thanked by 1Hetzner_OL
  • about $15

  • DPDP Administrator, The Domain Guy

    @MMzF said:
    What you guys do with this many vps? :smiley:

    Nothing really.

    Thanked by 1Talistech
  • qtwrkqtwrk Member
    edited November 21

    kind of lost track

    netcup rs1000 , 9 euros per month

    serverica storage , 84 per year -> 7 usd per month

    Hetzner AX41 as main production , with some customization , 58 euros per month

    5 servers on hosthatch , lost track the costs , but total should be like 200-ish per year , take it as 16 usd per month

    2 servers at bandwagonshot , roughly 15 usd per month

    maybe some small yearly servers grabbed during certain offer that is no longer stored in my memory until I got invoice mail :'(

    yeah ... total like 100-ish usd per month , damn , didn't know that until I count them

    but as a user here in LET , it makes me always grab a new server every now and then , play around a bit , then either put it idle or cancel it :D

    Thanked by 1Hetzner_OL
  • emgemg Member

    About $11 a month for two VPSs right now. I pay annually. One is way overpriced, so I will let it expire in a few months.

    I thought about picking up a VPS in an unusual location, but have not signed up yet.

  • Tbh I have no idea but I know its around 1.5-2k$

  • ralfralf Member
    edited November 21

    From my spreadsheet I have:

    €19.79, $3.50, $3, $11.95 / mo
    $21, €30 / qtr
    €24.5, €39.5 / 6m
    $12, £22, $35, $22 / yr
    $55 / 2yr
    $99, $99, $99 / 3yr

  • One of those threads where's the only suitable comment:

    No comment!

    Thanked by 3jazzii iKeyZ drizbo
  • labraxlabrax Member
    edited November 21

    contabo $6m
    racknerd $21y
    maybe some nat vps I forgot

  • I let go of a couple of idlers now left with,

    HH Singapore ~ $68/2 years
    HH Stockholm ~ $60/3 years

    Approx $4.5 per month

  • ralfralf Member

    @ralf said:
    From my spreadsheet I have:

    €19.79, $3.50, $3, $11.95 / mo
    $21, €30 / qtr
    €24.5, €39.5 / 6m
    $12, £22, $35, $22 / yr
    $55 / 2yr
    $99, $99, $99 / 3yr

    I decided to aggregate these to monthly:

    3yr -> $8.25/m
    2yr -> $2.29/m
    1yr -> $5.75/m, £1.83/m
    6m -> €10.67/m
    3m -> $7/m, €10/m
    1m -> $18.45/m, €19.79

    Total: $41.74 + £1.83 + €30.46 = £35.33 + £1.83 + £26.45 = £63.61 per month

    That's actually substantially more than I thought, so I guess I'll be a lot less trigger happy on deals than I planned!

    Also interesting that I didn't think I could justify getting a Hetzner dedi, but I'm spending much more than that monthly on mostly idle machines.

    Thanked by 1Hetzner_OL
  • ahrtahrt Member

    Amount due: € 3,286.40

  • MaouniqueMaounique Member
    edited November 21

    I have concentrated most VPSes into a few dedis (2 kimsufi) except those which are serving specific purposes in various locations, such as Brazil, Russia, China (HK) and ROK.
    I am paying about 45-50 a month (did an approximate mental addition, too lazy to make a spreadsheet :P ).
    Very little for some great connectivity.

  • Let see for monthly...
    $3 - Webhosting24 SG 1GB
    $9 - Hosthatch NVME 8 GB
    $5 - Vultr 1 GB
    I have Ryzen One on Hostcram 15$/y = 1.5$/mo
    Total was around ~16$ per month

  • DonkeyDonkey Member
    edited November 21

    Almost $100 for 11 servers 💪

    Thanked by 1Hetzner_OL
  • At the moment about 20e/mo with Hetzner for my Mastodon instance

    Thanked by 1Hetzner_OL
  • Alexhost -11.88£/yearly
    Greencloudvps -25$/yearly
    Kimsufi x2 - 20$/monthly
    Buying this week Buyvm 13.50/monthly
    Waiting for blackfriday offers. So its around 36$ monthly.
    Don't know how i am able to manage it because i dont see any incomes in my life 😑

  • $20 yearly .

  • ~20€

  • EmuAGREmuAGR Member
    edited November 21

    10€/month (VAT inc) for a KS with Atom 2x2TB.

    It's beginning to feel outdated because I have 10 Gbps at home.

  • ptrejaptreja Member
    edited November 21

    $68.14/month, this thread made me aware I'm paying significantly more per month than I thought. Why would you do this to me right before black friday :D

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