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Countries that don't get served ads by Twitch.
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Countries that don't get served ads by Twitch.

zedzed Member

Skip to the TL;DR if you don't want to read my shitbabble.

Some years ago, I was in the habit of using one of my Hetzner VPS as proxy for a specific browser on one of my desktops. Purely by chance, I started using that browser to view Eve Online gameplay on Twitch.

After several months of casual twitching, suddenly one day I started getting twitch ads, and in german! I'd never seen a twitch ad before, how fucking obtrusive, and why am I getting them now? I'm only guessing, but I suspect twitch had just started serving ads to folk in germany (and my hetzner ip of course geolocated to.. germany!)

I experimented with lots of methods to block twitch ads since then, and for the most part was satisfied. Occasionally twitch would decide to fight adblockers, and there'd be a day or two of their fucking obnoxious ads creeping thru, but eventually the blockers I used would adapt, or I'd move to a new one, whatever.

Recently (a week ago? maybe 10 days?) I've started getting twitch ads again, and after wasting some effort trying to find the new magic recipe, I flipped thru my list of vps to see if I had one somewhere that would bumfuzzle twitch again.

To my dismay, I only have one non-us vps at the moment (hi @Francisco!!) and it's in Luxembourg and it's fairly heavily utilized already, but let's try it.

Son of a bitch! No twitch ads! I'm saved! Sticking it to the bezos man! Sadly I have so much shit running thru that vps already that the delay can get quite noticeable over time.

I started poking around the Offers section here looking for ultra cheap vps to use just for this circumstance, then realized I'd be guessing which locations to try, wasting my time (and hard-earned $3) perhaps repeatedly, in my quest to fuck bezos out of a couple bucks per month.

The TL;DR.

Does anyone know which countries twitch doesn't serve ads to? I'd like to buy a dirt-cheap vps from a provider in one of those locations specifically to proxy my casual twitch-viewing thru.


Edit: My theories may be way off base about why I didn't get ads via my hetzner ip originally, or why I'm not getting them right now via my buyvm lux ip, feel free to educate me if you know better. I can probably take it.


  • I ain’t reading all that, but I’m happy for you though. Or sorry that happened.

  • edited November 19
    • Most low-income European countries don't get ads
    • Even some high-income European countries don't get ads, at least not constantly
    • If they ever ran ads in Russia it was years ago, but depending on your location they may be sanctioned
    • Ukraine didn't get ads last I checked
    • Usually no ads in Asia (do not use South Korea, Japan gets ads currently but didn't for like a year)
    • Probably no ads Africa but not tested recently
    • All countries in the Americas get ads, even Venezuela, though I haven't tested Cuba.
    • Last I checked Afghanistan didn't get ads but you won't find a cheap server there.
    • Iraq apparently gets ads.

    The easy option is probably going to be using TTV LOL Pro (backend was Russia last I checked) rather than running your own system. If you want to run your own system, the better option is to get a cheap VPN with many locations to stick on your server. Right now you only need to route two small requests through the VPN, not the video stream, so VPN speed is basically irrelevant.

    I'm currently using PIA's "Vietnam" servers (actually located in Singapore), their Serbian/Lithuanian servers, and their "Algerian" servers (actually located elsewhere, Twitch geolocates as Georgia). I use gluetun to expose them as local HTTP proxies and my own luminous-ttv to handle the Twitch API.

    edit: Oh yeah, and luminous-ttv has code to use the Hola free proxy servers and you can technically run it locally. Haven't tested that in... a while. Might still work.

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  • emghemgh Member

    Just realized Adblock Origin dosen't block them, wanted to suggest it but when I verified I got served ads.

    Must be some good counter-measures, normally Origin fights like a champ and always end up winning.

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  • @emgh said:
    Just realized Adblock Origin dosen't block them, wanted to suggest it but when I verified I got served ads.

    Must be some good counter-measures, normally Origin fights like a champ and always end up winning.

    You need a Twitch-specific adblocker for Twitch ever since they stepped up their anti-adblocker game. The issue is that if your adblocker is detected you get this video:

    Twitch updated their anti-adblock code too fast for uBlock I think, so they gave up.

    I forgot to post this before:

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  • ptrejaptreja Member
    edited November 20

    I use a VPN in Bulgaria and get no ads. €3/mo from AlphaVPS, originally bought it purely to use as a VPN but the VPS turned out to be really good (stable, fast storage, 5800x core) so run a couple of microservices on it now too. Only 1TB traffic though which might be an issue if you're a heavy twitch viewer

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  • HxxxHxxx Member

    Pay for the twitch turbo subscription, might be cheaper than paying for third party services to block.

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  • I watch a LOT of twitch, check this out:

    I currently use VideoAdBlockForTwitch on firefox, I get 0 ads and I watch twitch damn near all day. Only downside is that when the ads are being blocked in downgrades video quality to 480p only for a few seconds though.

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  • beanman109beanman109 Member
    edited November 20

    I have a few VPS's just for this, I run HAproxy at a DC near me which connects to Socks5 proxies in Poland, Romania & Moldova - those 3 countries don't currently recieve twitch ads.

    I was using Purple AdBlock for a while (it does the same thing) but I decided to set it up myself so I knew where the data was going.

    VPS's I'm currently using for this:
    Greencloud Romania BudgetKVMRO-1: $15 USD Yearly, 2TB Bandwidth Monthly
    Webhorizon Poland NAT VPS: $7 USD Yearly, 500GB transfer @1Gbps Monthly
    AlexHost Moldova 1 vCPU: 12 Euro Yearly, Unlimited Transfer @ 100 Mbps (I wouldn't recommend this one, the network is pretty unstable)

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  • @MallocVoidstar said:

    • Ukraine didn't get ads last I checked

    I really hope that doesn't become a well known ad bypass or we might end up with Twitch reporting 50 million Ukraine users at the worst time.

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  • zedzed Member

    Eventually "TTV LOL" did start blocking again, though I have switched to the pro fork @MallocVoidstar mentioned.

    Thanks to all of you for chiming in with helpful options, super appreciated <3

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