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What are your experiences with different Backup plugins?
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What are your experiences with different Backup plugins?

I have been using Updraftplus backup plugin on WordPress site for a few years. I have set it to back up daily and send to cloud storage (Google Drive). Never had used the backups to restore, but this time, I needed to use the backups and restore the files. While doing restoration, there was an error and backups did not fully restore. Tried few times and same error.

So which backup plugins do you use for WordPress, and what are your experiences with restoration that have not failed?


  • Tony40Tony40 Member
    edited November 18

    Try XCloner: Free WordPress backup manager & site organizer

  • UpdraftPlus (premium) has been my go-to for 5 years now. Free version should work for you. Occasionally have had issues, but for the most part those are few and far between, and are usually fixed quickly in subsequent releases.

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