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i want nat vps with?
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i want nat vps with?

i want nat vps with residential ip any offers?


  • yoursunnyyoursunny Member, IPv6 Advocate

    Rent an apartment and install FiOS, $1500/month.

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  • Buy a sim card and put it in a raspberry pi

  • @MallocVoidstar said:
    Buy a sim card and put it in a raspberry pi

    raspberry pi is too expensive

  • yoursunnyyoursunny Member, IPv6 Advocate

    @MallocVoidstar said:
    Buy a sim card and put it in a raspberry pi

    Raspberry Pi does not take SIM cards.

  • whats difference between non-residential IP and residential IP?

  • emgemg Member

    @ariq01 said:
    whats difference between non-residential IP and residential IP?

    Video streaming services like Netflix want to control which customers can view their streaming content from which countries. Many of them limit customers to US only, for example. They also make sure that their streaming video is sent to residences (homes, condos, and apartments) and not large data centers. Streaming customers do not live in data centers, so they must be faking their locations.

    Many people live outside the US, but want to use US-based streaming services. A typical example is someone who wants to watch US sports (football, baseball, basketball, etc.) from outside the US. They try to get around the restrictions by using a VPN. The VPN would have a US IP address. You might try to sign up for a VPS and install your own VPN, for example.

    Unfortunately, the VPN trick often fails because the streaming services know which IP addresses are associated with large data centers and which ones are associated with residential (home) internet service providers (ISP).

    A reverse DNS lookup of my home IP address ends in "..." - I bet that "res" stands for "residential". My ISP makes it easy for streaming services to know I am in a residence, huh?

    Some commercial VPN providers (and others) use tricks that make it appear that you are coming from a residential IP address, but I don't know how they do it. People pay to use their services so they can watch US sports and other US video streams.

    Most of the VPSs sold here on LowEndTalk have "data center" IP addresses. Signing up for a VPS and then setting up your own VPN to watch video streams may fail for that reason.

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