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Remote Network DDoS Protection Services (BGP/GRE or L3 VLAN)
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Remote Network DDoS Protection Services (BGP/GRE or L3 VLAN)

HyperFilter_OfficialHyperFilter_Official Member, Patron Provider

Dear, LowEndTalk Community.

We are specializing in DDoS Protection since 2011, with extensive knowledge in:

Online Games & Any Other Applications

  • Game Server Custom Protection Algorithms. (We're specializing in Game Servers).

Accepted Payment Methods:

  • PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, PayGol and Pagseguro.

About our Network:

  • Our Autonomous System is AS60503.
  • DDoS Protection Capacity up to 2 Tbps with the following network scheme:
    a) We own and develop our own local DDoS Mitigation Technology.
    b) We're connected to AS3223 as Backup/Redundancy for our customers.
    c) Our primary High Capacity upstream is: NFOrce, we're their official partners in providing DDoS Mitigation in it's network.
    d) Indirectly Connected via NFOrce to High Capacity Transit Providers: Level3, NTT, Cogent, Seabone and Libery Global.
    e) Indirectly Connected via NFOrce to the Internet Exchanges: AMS-IX, DE-CIX, NL-IX, LINX and ERA-IX.
    f) Private Peering with: BT / BICS / Telecom PT / Novoserve / Hetzner / myLoc / FIORD / Serverius / Google / Worldstream / Cloudflare and 31173 Services AB.

Our Data Center:

  • Located in The Netherlands / Amsterdam.
  • High Availability.

Order your Remote Network Protection right now:


Any Questions ?

Have a great week,

HyperFilter DDoS Protection Solutions
A FNXTEC, Company.


  • I'am so lost... Where is the clear price and specs? Where is the discount code? Insult to the community. I will not submit "ASK A SPECIALIST ;)" form as it looks like child labor fruit. What the hell is going on!

    Thanked by 3angelius Obelous Ixel
  • SaahibSaahib Member, Host Rep

    Give them time, they will adopt and understand LET culture although they seems to be here from many years.

  • ralfralf Member

    Yeah, I'm relatively curious about this, but not enough to ask their specialist.

    But for instance - what's the smallest IP block you could rent and have tunnelled somewhere? /24 or is it smaller? Or do you have to BYOIP?

    How much would it cost ballpark for some likely scenarios, e.g. a /28 or /24 to Hetzner or Serverius at 1000mbit? (2 from their list)

    i.e. is it in the range where someone could set up a summer host or is it premium?

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