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SEA – 4 GB, 50 GB SSD, 5 TB @ $6/mo. Up to 30% off! DOUBLE RAM AND/OR TRANSFER!! CREDIT GIVEAWAY!!
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SEA – 4 GB, 50 GB SSD, 5 TB @ $6/mo. Up to 30% off! DOUBLE RAM AND/OR TRANSFER!! CREDIT GIVEAWAY!!

DvoDvo Member, Patron Provider

Limewave Communications Inc is a Canadian Internet Presence Provider (IPP). We strive to balance performance and value, offering a feature packed service with an affordable price.

We are not resellers, we do not rent dedicated servers. We operate our own network (AS36369), own our IP space and hardware. All nodes are Xeon E5-2650/2695V2, 128 GB ECC RAM and RAID-10 SSD or better.

Bandwidth is provided by Cogent and Hurricane Electric with peering over the Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX). We peer directly with Google, Amazon, Netflix, Dropbox & Apple, just to name a few. We also peer directly with Telus & Shaw, for our Canadian eyeballs!

Below you find average latency via the HE looking glass.

Tokyo – 87ms
London – 124ms
Los Angeles – 25ms
New York – 57ms
Toronto – 51ms
Calgary – 15ms
Vancouver – 5ms

Have your own IPv4/IPv6 IP resources? Great! We provide free 4/6 BGP sessions upon request. Don’t have an ASN, ask for a private ASN.

All servers include:
KVM Virtualization
Virtualizor Control Panel
PTR (rDNS) records
gigE port (shared)
CentOS / Debian / Scientific / Ubuntu / Fedora / Rocky Linux available
Custom ISO's (upload your own)
Unmanaged service (network support only)
BGP Session (IPv4 & IPv6 – our IPv4 sessions do have local BGP communities!!)
Free OS Reloads

All prices are USD.

Affiliate Program:
Become an affiliate today! We offer 15% recurring, 35-day hold, $35 minimum withdrawal and payout via PayPal plus get a $5 bonus just for joining!

25% Off – Coupon: H114UAPCF5 (applies to SEAV4GB plans)
30% Off – Coupon: AM7JERYU94 (applies to SEAV8GB – SEAV32GB plans)

2 x Shared E5-2695v2
5 TB Data Transfer (gigE port) – 10 TB with double transfer!
1 IPv4
/48 IPv6
$8.00/mo (25% off coupon - H114UAPCF5 - $6/mo USD)
Order Now

Due to LET pricing restrictions, please check out our higher resource KVM value plans at Remember to use the coupon when ordering!

** DOUBLE RAM AND DATA TRANSFER ** (valid while capacity is available)
The SEAV8GB-SEAV32GB plans qualify for the DOUBLE RAM and DOUBLE DATA TRANSFER promo upgrades, in addition to the 30% recurring discount. Get a 16 GB KVM with 20 TB for only $9.80/mo or a 64 GB KVM with 80 TB for $29.40/mo. Please submit your order, then ticket in for the promo upgrades. This promo is ONLY valid with the coupon AM7JERYU94.

Let’s fill the nodes!!!!!!!

Need something custom? Submit a sales ticket!

No bulk mail, spam, bots, public/open proxy, TOR, port scanning, crypto mining or abuse etc. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding abuse, multiple accounts and/or multiple orders. We do not accept orders made via VPN/proxy/anonymous services. Unless otherwise stated, all CPU cores are shared. Excessive CPU usage will result in the VPS being throttled without notice.

Our IP’s are heavily monitored and we do have automated RBL nulling.

Port 25 is blocked to prevent abuse. We highly recommend using a third-party SMTP service regardless.

Orders submitted with a VPN may be blocked as fraud. If your order is blocked, submit a sales ticket, don’t submit multiple orders from different IP’s. We are CN friendly, you don’t need to fake your account info to match your VPN! Do submit correct and valid billing information.

All orders are manually verified. Please allow up to 48 hours for provisioning as orders will be processed during normal business hours, Monday-Friday 10 AM – 5 PM Pacific time.

Payment via PayPal and Visa/MC via Stripe.

Location: Seattle, WA, U.S.A. (Intergate West)
Test IP:
Test File:
BGP Looking Glass:

Have questions? Open a ticket!

Limewave Communications Inc.

$10 USD (no cash value) in account credits will be given away daily to random winners who post #ILIKEFREECREDITS within this thread for the next 10 days. There is no entry maximum, however the mods dislike “spamming”. Feel free to enter within reason!



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