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Adguard VPN any good?
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Adguard VPN any good?

Hi all looking for dirt cheap VPN services that are great for privacy. I came across AdGuard VPN on stack social $29.99 for 3 years, i think thats pretty good, but interested to know if anyone has used them before? i read something they are owned by Russia and considering whats going on now lol not sure about that.


  • @socialzzz said: they are owned by Russia

    It's.... complicated. Legally they're currently based in Cyprus and don't have any server in Russia (both their VPN and DNS), they also mentioned attempting to relocate their employees out of Russia, but they're still founded and led by a Russian. If that's a concern, Windscribe is $69.99 for 3 years in current stacksocial deal.

  • does not really bother me, more just wondering what is the best in terms of speed privacy etc.

  • YmpkerYmpker Member
    edited October 26

    Mullvad and HideMyName don't require you to create an account iirc. When you "register" you get assigned an account number which you can top up (some even support cash via postal mail). That adds another privacy layer, however, remember a VPN won't make you anonymous.

    OVPN is probably also one of the more Privacy focused VPNs considering their court history.

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  • Dont forget nvpn and ivpn

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  • the_doctorthe_doctor Member
    edited October 27

    @socialzzz said:
    does not really bother me, more just wondering what is the best in terms of speed privacy etc.

    I've been using Adguard VPN for a couple years as a backup - after buying two 5 year subs (10 year total) on Stacksocial for $23/each (using a discount code during black Friday of 40% off)

    They're definitely not as good as Windscribe, since they use a "custom VPN protocol" over HTTPS tunnel and don't offer a choice of, for example, WireGuard.

    If you're selecting your primary VPN I would stick with the gold standards:
    (based from, though it dropped windscribe since it's a "5 eyes country")

  • patropatro Member
    edited October 27

    I had their vpn and my subscription ended in Aug. It was not good for me but I don't know if anything has changed during the past 2 months. It had huge speed fluctuation when watching movies and streams causing the stream to stop and reload many times.

    You can check reddit for more recent reviews. The last time I checked their reddit, people were still unhappy.

    Also if you wondering what i'm using now, I switched to proton and am quite happy with it.

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