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Blesta License
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Blesta License

Looking at getting myself a 2nd Blesta license. Anyone selling one they don't use?


  • take a lowcost hosting / vps from buyvm and get it free

  • verovero Member, Host Rep

    @deadpool said:
    Looking at getting myself a 2nd Blesta license. Anyone selling one they don't use?

    I suggest to wait for BF - last year they were offering 40% discount.

  • HostlovinHostlovin Member, Host Rep

    As @vero said your best chance at owning a lifetime license would be waiting for a BF sale.

    If you want a monthly billing one you could just get a BuyVM VPS and get it for free.

    If you want a cheap owned license, at around 125-150 dollars could net you a branded/unbranded license from

    Note that both of these come with 1 year of support + updates, and costs $39/Year to renew every year ( So like 150 upfront and 39/Year which is still very cheap ).

    As of now, the only owned lifetime license that I know can be legally bought is from Blesta themselves ( ). It's 750 dollars.

    Usually, during Black Friday, have a big discount that brings the owned lifetime license to like 400 dollars or so. THeir Owned but renew every year for 39 dollars a year will usually be still a biy more expensive than the prices offered at

    So the conclusion is if you're looking for a monthly billing blesta license, consider hosting your blesta platform on a VPS or dedi provider that gives a free blesta license ( You can host your main site elsewhere and host your blesta installation at like ).

    If you're looking at a cheap owned license, get it from as its really cheap and has low yearly commitments.

    If you're looking for a lifetime license wait for a BF Sale from

    Lastly, transfers licenses between clients for $25. However, they do not provide any escrow service, I think its better that you just purchase it directly from or rather than risking saving a few dollars by getting a transferred license

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  • chria838373chria838373 Member
    edited November 10

    Blesta never discount the lifetime license! Only the owned :)

  • armandorgarmandorg Member, Host Rep

    As it catched my attention there is a guy on blesta's forum who was selling the lifetime license for 600$:

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