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What you use for VPS backup?
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What you use for VPS backup?

What do you use to backup your vps?


  • borg backup. It has already saved my ass after HDD failure ;)

  • usually just tar or zip
    which leads to terrible redundancy over time
    when will be in need for efficient solutions I have introduce myself with software like @MrEd has suggested

  • I try to back-up configurations in git (Gitea).
    Other stuff using a zip with or without a cron job.

  • another vps

  • Rclone to hetzner storage space

  • nfnnfn Member

    rclone and restic

  • WebProjectWebProject Member, Host Rep

    rclone does a job without any issues

  • Borg and Proxmox Backup Server

  • zhizhi Member


  • Rsync + cron job. Also Kopia

  • I use apiscp in my websites and bacula is its only backup solution supported. would love to try other solutions like borg and or rclone but no idea how to do it the 'apiscp way'.

  • AWS Snapshots. Automatically.

    Also RunCloud. Automatically to RunCloud's own Backup Storage, as well as to an S3 bucket.

    Each snapshot is daily and kept for 7 days, I think.

    The individual backups of websites through RunCloud is ran every 12 hours, and is being kept for 1 month.

    When backing up to RunCloud's own Backup Storage, the backups are incremental.

    When backing up to S3, the backups are full every damn time (limit of RunCloud).

    This has been running for over a month, so used storage will likely remain the same over time (going up in size by a few MB a month probably).

    On RunCloud, all 60 backup points make up 358 MB thanks to them being incremental.

    On S3, all 60 backup points make up 26 GB thanks to them being incremental.

    I don't really care though. It's very cheap storing 26 GB on S3.

  • Acronis, Restic, Kopia or homemade scripts with tar and rclone, it all depends on the situation.

    Thanked by 1dotcomUNDERGROUND
  • I was not aware of Kopia, thanks!

    Looks like both rclone and kopia can be used over GUI. Which one is better?

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