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Tutorials/resources to understand Kubernetes
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Tutorials/resources to understand Kubernetes

So, I’m on the lookout for a new job, and a lot of places ask for experience with Kubernetes.

I am generally familiar with Docker, and I’m looking for resources that would help me with understanding Kubernetes. I’ve skimmed the documentation at, and at this point I know a few words, but would like something that’s more hands-on.

What are some resources you’d recommend?


  • let_rockslet_rocks Member
    edited October 2022

    When I was learning Kubernetes/K8s about a year/year and a half ago, I sometimes found some parts of the official documentation feeling a bit "unfinished".
    I learned by looking up simple examples (e.g. how to get a web app running using PHP, SQL and NGINX). I can recommend the following YouTube playlist:

    She has more content related to DevOps, containers, etc. Quite useful.

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