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CloudAtCost Lifetime Packages are about to expire
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CloudAtCost Lifetime Packages are about to expire

Have you guys who own services from CAC get this email?

Action Required!
Your CloudPRO Packages are set to expire.
Due to recent changes your CloudPRO Packages will be expiring and we require all users to upgrade to CloudRS which is the new replacement for CloudPRO. CloudRS is newer, faster and built for reliability.
To start your upgrade click below.

After click the upgrade button it ask for a $3/vCore monthly fee for 'upgraded' package. :D


  • ehabehab Member

    how long have you have the "Lifetime package" ?

  • @ehab said:
    how long have you have the "Lifetime package" ?

    Since 2019 BF

  • ehabehab Member

    some lifetimes are 3 years .. so there ya go.

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  • @PhantomPain said:

    @ehab said:
    how long have you have the "Lifetime package" ?

    Since 2019 BF

    I literally made a blog post like 5 months before then, going over CloudatCost pulling bait-and-switch scams;

  • add_iTadd_iT Member

    They are scam

    They should be reported

  • PulsedMediaPulsedMedia Member, Patron Provider

    Service with recurring, non-trivial costs just cannot be sustainability sold at reasonable one time fees.

    Say we have a 10€/Month service, to make it one fee life time we'd need at least 15 years upfront, and only in a case we know production costs will drop to 1/10th over that 15 years, or less. That means 1800€ upfront payment, at the very least. Probably more like 3000€ -- then set 80% of that in fund which dispenses 1/300th back to us monthly, and we could not change the rules.

    Why? With single fee we know you will never stop using it, or at least some resources will always be consumed, hardware fails, hardware needs maintenance and upgrades. Things also change, like this energy crisis.

    I guess it's technically feasible to offer hosting services at one time fee, but the prices need to be exorbitant.

    Just my personal 5 cents on that subject.


  • JabJabJabJab Member

    Again? How many lifetime packages they had :D

  • @JabJab said:
    Again? How many lifetime packages they had :D

    Many. Servers were slow, very very slow. Then they asked for more money (on top of lifetime) and many customers dropped their cloud servers. Services became a bit better, but now they ask for subscription.

    It is a scam! It is a trap!

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  • @PhantomPain said:

    @ehab said:
    how long have you have the "Lifetime package" ?

    Since 2019 BF

    I've had mine since 2013. It was fun experiencing SSH like it was 1985 on a 2400bps modem.

    Due Date: 11/06/2013
    Invoice #12559739
    You currently have a balance of $70.00 due on your account with Cloud At Cost.
    Cloud Servers / Developer 2 - One time $70.00

  • jtkjtk Member

    The irony of the thread subject phased no one. Ha. At least they seem to finally have abandoned the one-time fee, lifetime VM racket^H^H^H^H^H^Hmarket.

  • emgemg Member

    I am trying to understand how the word "lifetime" fits into D-Link's "Limited Lifetime Warranty."

    What does the phrase "Limited Lifetime Warranty" mean to you?

    "Limited Lifetime" Warranty - A warranty that expires.

    The Rest of Us:
    Limited "Lifetime Warranty" - A warranty that does not expire, but has limitations such as not covering intentional damage, commercial use, etc.

    In my opinion, D-Link is using the phrase "Limited Lifetime Warranty" to deceive its customers into thinking that the warranty has no expiration, even though it does. I have a D-Link unmanaged switch. When I discovered that one of the front panel LEDs failed about a month ago, D-Link informed me that their "limited lifetime warranty" expires five years after they stopped selling the product.

    I bought my D-Link switch with a "limited lifetime warranty" in 2014. D-Link stopped selling it in 2019, so the warranty will expire in 2024. In addition, D-Link can't fix or replace my rear port switch anyway, they can only replace it with a front port switch. After giving it a shake, the LED came back on, so it is working again for the moment. I can get by without using the defective LED port anyway.

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  • For many years, it was one of the best places to torrent from. When they launched a limited "VC" service using LXC, they didn't limit the ports, the bandwidth or disks and performed better than paid services from reputable providers.

    So if you only ever bought CAC on discounts, you probably came out way ahead. And if you had other spares to get by whenever CAC shit the bed, you didn't mind so much using your fallback for a bit.

    But to pay for their shitty support, shitty uptime, shitty performance each month? Heeeeellll no. Ain't nobody got time for that.

  • msattmsatt Member

    No email received.
    Login forces you to accept new terms and conditions....
    No access via panel to 'old' servers.
    Old servers are dropping offline.
    They were and always have been rubbish, so why anyone would want to 'upgrade' and pay for it is just plain stupidity unless things really change (which I very much doubt).

  • newfullusernewfulluser Member
    edited October 9

    It was good while it lasted. I added up all my invoices and for 12 cores, 12IPs and 12GB of RAM I paid $121. I've bought all of it on black friday deals where 90% off was the usual discount. Most of them were bought in 2016, comes out at $20/year for 12 servers. It was worth it, especially because they had Windows support out of the box, there was nothing as cheap as cloud at cost.

    Of course, the uptime was horrendous and my servers were killed several times during all those years. Support was nonexistent, and they started charging for a yearly maintenance fee and upgrade to v4 cloud, bullshit like that on a "lifetime" purchase. But I paid because it was still worth it, despite the terrible performance and horrendous uptime.

    It was clear it wouldn't last long. I got in thinking "if it lasts more than a year I won't have lost money" and turned out to last 6 years.

    I doubt we will ever see any provider do the same lifetime deals since they were funded by a canadian ISP and had access to extremely cheap/free hardware and collocation. They had a tremendous advantage, if only they raised the prices a little more and offered a better service..

  • lifetime deal means lifetime of the company, not your lifetime.

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