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The 'crypto king', 23-year-old stealing $30M
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The 'crypto king', 23-year-old stealing $30M

armandorgarmandorg Member, Host Rep

Very interesting news that caught my eye these days.

Some 23 year old guy that had his 'investing crypto company' has stolen/made go missing around $30M from his investors.

So far they could only seize him two McLarens, two BMWs and a Lamborghini, just a few of the $2 million worth seized from $30M.


Seems it looked easy for him to steal and live as a king.

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  • I read that investors could expect at least 60% return and that they couldn't lose their money. I don't think these were savvy investors.

  • What does Joshua Prout think about this guy?

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  • History has not changed. The world is full of gullible people.

    The difference is that with the internet, you can scale up your cons to new, high levels. It is how celebrities have been able to create massive businesses for products and services that they knew nothing about when the whim struck them.

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