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How to install almalinux remotely via VNC?
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How to install almalinux remotely via VNC?

astrovpsastrovps Member
edited September 20 in Help

If we have a dedicated server that has Almalinux installed and we want to reinstall it but we don't have iKVM/IPMI/IP KVM access, how to reinstall it remotely via VNC?


  • yoursunnyyoursunny Member, IPv6 Advocate

    You can't, at least not safely.
    Go to the computer room, plug in a monitor, and do the reinstall there.

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  • Contact your provider.

  • Qemu with hdd passthrough in rescue mode or etc

  • SpecsblueSpecsblue Member
    edited September 20
    1. Start your machine in rescue mode with Linux 64bit;
    2. Connect to your dedicated server via SSH;
    3. Install QEMU ($ apt-get install qemu);
    4. Download ProxMox ISO (Select last ISO image on and save locally in proxmox.iso file;
    5. Start QEMU Emulator ($ qemu-system-x86_64 -m 1024 -k it -hda /dev/sda -hdb /dev/sdb -cdrom proxmox.iso -boot d -vnc :0);
    6. Connect via VNC to your server port 5900, and follow the installation procedure;
    7. Reboot rescue system.

    The same thing, you can do with any .iso of your choice.

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