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Do you like retro tools? Do you like terminals? Here's the perfect combo
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Do you like retro tools? Do you like terminals? Here's the perfect combo

ArkasArkas Member, Moderator
edited September 19 in General

A super retro looking terminal with a lot of options! Right click for options, give it a try.


  • emgemg Member
    edited September 19

    I worked with equipment like that for a long time. The green terminals were a major improvement over the white (VT100 type) terminals. The amber terminals followed the green ones. The amber terminals were my favorite color, but some of my friends liked the green ones more. In many places where I worked, they let you choose - green or amber.

    I have the terminal window(s) on my Mac set to amber-on-black in my primary unprivileged user account. I use the terminal many times a day. For me, the old amber-on-black is much easier to read than the Mac's default black-on-white. (The new Mac "dark mode" terminals use white letters on black, but I still prefer amber.)

    For the privileged "admin" account (rarely used), I have the terminal set to green-on-black. The green terminal color reminds me that I am typing commands from a privileged account.

    Here are my Mac Terminal settings for amber and green terminals in case you want to try them out for yourself. They are my best impressions of the colors I remember from the old terminals. I am not very good with color matching, so please forgive any inaccuracies. They should be close enough. I have used the same settings for years. Open the Terminal application, then go to Terminal -> Preferences -> Profiles (choose or create a profile) -> Text tab

    Background Color and Effects (Black): Hex 000000 = 00, 00, 00
    Text and Bold Text (Bright Amber): Hex FFBA32 = 255, 186, 50
    Selection (Dark Amber): Hex 7F5D19 = 127, 93, 25

    Background Color and Effects (Black): Hex 000000 = 00, 00, 00
    Text and Bold Text (Bright Green): Hex 00FF00 = 0, 255, 0
    Selection (Dark Green): Hex 005300 = 0, 83, 0

    Thanked by 3Arkas Not_Oles imok
  • Had it installed on my system for a long time. It's not exactly svelte on system resources but it's cool to have the scanline back sometimes. :)

    Thanked by 2Arkas Not_Oles
  • Not_OlesNot_Oles Member, Moderator, Patron Provider

    When WordPerfect 5 came out, one of the terminal choices was white text on blue. Besides the green and the amber, I used white on blue for years. Last I looked, white on blue still was a choice on Mac. It was called "Ocean."

    These days I've gone back to green on black on my Chromebook plus also for . Hehe. 💚

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  • that_guythat_guy Member
    edited September 20

    When I saw it for the first time my brain immediately felt and heard a IBM model M buckling spring keyboard. One day I'm gonna build a raspberry pi retro pc with it. Including a commandline Matrix screensaver (that "green character rain" thing) It's a shame that CRTs are so expensive now. But coolretroterm comes to rescue!

    Thanked by 2Arkas Not_Oles
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