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Find cheap NextCloud instances or Storage VPS
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Find cheap NextCloud instances or Storage VPS

Hello everyone.

I'm currently using Hetzner's Storage Share - that is, their hosted NextCloud service, which quotes 4.29€ per month for 1TB of storage.

Unfortunately, the German data center location has a slow connection and poor availability for China users (this could also be due to the fact that I have too many applications installed, but given the nature of the hosting service, this should not be the reason for the poor availability). So, I'm looking for alternatives. The same hosted NextCloud instance service, or a similar VPS configuration plan.

Specifically, I would probably need 1v CPU, 1G/2G RAM, 1TB/2TB storage, 3TB and under traffic at 500Mbps/1Gbps bandwidth, and 1 dedicated IPV4.

The annual budget cost is comparable to the current level, i.e., between 50 and 60 EUR/USD.

Given the high bandwidth and operating costs in Asia, it's obviously not realistic to expect a machine for the Asian region (of course if it does come along, I think I'll grab it soon :p). So I don't have any regional requirements, but I hope it will be connection friendly for Asia, and you can provide Lookingglass with it so I can test it.

Still, I'm still new to VPS, so if you don't think this price requirement will meet my needs, please let me know their normal price levels so I can evaluate my needs more sensibly in the future.



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