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Any vendor/server builder in US?
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Any vendor/server builder in US?

HannanHannan Member, Host Rep

I am looking for a company to build a few Ryzen servers for us. Do you recommend any with the best pricing?
Be shipped to KC or Dallas.



  • HxxxHxxx Member

    I've seen on ebay a reference to gopcn .com . Which is a Ryzen builder. Also do other builds. But I know them for that. I don't have experience with them. Suggest you do your own research. I have seen a mention or two about them around.

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  • MikeAMikeA Member, Host Rep
    edited September 5

    If it's not too many and you just need Ryzen stuff because you aren't in the US yourself I'd be willing to receive, build, test, and forward them to a DC. Can give recommendations for some parts if you're unsure.

    I'm in Tampa area Florida, but shipping to Dallas is only $25~ ground, $45~ air.

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  • HannanHannan Member, Host Rep

    Still looking for some retailers or server builders to build like 100 servers.

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