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HudsonValleyHost on auto-pilot?
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HudsonValleyHost on auto-pilot?

Is there a rep from HVH here? @hudonvalleyhost doesn't exist, but maybe there is someone else running that org representing here?

They are featured in the August 2022 edition of Best Cheap VPS Hosting on LEB, which I can't take too seriously quite frankly. Their plans are quite old and not a very good value imo.

The service seems fine for what you get (or got years ago), but I've had one non-operational ticket open for months that I even tried to get some attention with in their online chat support feature with no success. Ultimately It would be nice to see activity, updated plans and pricing, but I'm wondering if I should just give up on seeing any signs of life there.


  • jbilohjbiloh Administrator

    The rep is @Nick

  • NickNick Member, Patron Provider

    @OP sent you a PM to happily assist.

    Not sure about new plans or pricing yet maybe some day!

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  • jtkjtk Member

    @Nick said:
    Not sure about new plans or pricing yet maybe some day!

    Thanks for the follow up.

    If you don't mind the feedback... The current plans are so old and the resources so little (e.g., 128MB of RAM), and they are OpenVZ to boot, they are just no longer a good value. But operationally it has been fine otherwise. If you shift all those Self-Managed Virtual Server Plans resources one position to the left and keep the pricing, that would be somewhat reasonable imo. Although I'd love to see KVM prices around there.

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  • emgemg Member

    I doubt that "at-sign OP" will go to @jtk, but obviously he got the message. There is a member here with "OP" as their handle, last active April 2015.

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