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Blockchain friendly hosts
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Blockchain friendly hosts

sohailsohail Member

What are the blockchain friendly hosts out there? Linode banned such software and now Hetzner too which is even more strict because they have banned pretty much anything crypto related as per this Reddit post.

I know proof of work and disk plotting is banned pretty much on every public cloud. However some blockchain nodes run proof of stake/proof of authority and similar variant consensus which use very low resources (<3 GB, 2 vCPU, <200 GB storage) for small chains. It is basically a db with a lot of p2p network activity.

My goal is to run archive and pruning nodes for data analysis on multiple chains. I'd prefer direct sellers rather than resellers who can effectively get banned at some point in the future.


  • DataWagonDataWagon Member, Patron Provider

    We allow non PoW / disk plotting blockchain activity on our network.

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