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Hetzner Hiccup
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Hetzner Hiccup

emghemgh Member
edited August 2022 in General


anyone has services with Hetzner and saw a hiccup just now?

Chat support says there was no problem and that I'm the only client experiencing problem.

Main website (Hetzner) couldn't load, server was down and HetrixTools confirmed it all. Must have been more than one location because I don't believe their website is in Helsinki, but my VPS was.


  • Provide relevant graphical representation of hickup. Provide logs related to the event.

  • My fi dedi works just fine

  • no issue all dedis are up and work

  • usually if it's a switch issue they'll send you an email. but all LGTM for me in FSN/NBG.

  • "Main website (Hetzner) couldn't load": I have that a lot of times, but other than their website, the services (cloud + dedi) keep working.

    I usually try again in 5 or 10 minutes and it works.

  • emghemgh Member

    It's worrying that they can't find anything at all when even their own console couldn't connect to my server (I couldn't control the VPS through their panel, said "Unable to connect").

    It was at the same time that their main site didn't load.

    Contacted technicians with screenshots from HetrixTools and their main website, and asked why there's no information on their status page, got a reply that their status page loads OK lol://

  • NeoonNeoon Member, Community Contributor


  • emghemgh Member

    @Neoon said:

    Weird. According to Hetzner, nothing was ever down. My the Console errors was my imagination being spooky.

  • @emgh Maybe they were under DDoS attack and they block all DC IPs for a few minutes.

  • Don't mention that name again here. Enough with them.

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  • emghemgh Member
    edited August 2022

    @Hotmarer said:
    @emgh Maybe they were under DDoS attack and they block all DC IPs for a few minutes.

    And my IP. And my friends.

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