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I work in a mechanic yards office and our owner is wanting to show our vehicle map of all the mechanics in the field on multiple monitors/tvs in the office. For instance the same screen in his office, my office, the yard managers office and the front desk. Is it a way to accomplish this giving each office access to utilize the the map showing on all the screens? If so what can we use to connect all the monitors/tvs.


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    A simple Android tv stick and Google Docs hosted slideshow should do the trick, I've done similar installs in a hotel chain.

    It can be something static, or it can be something more dynamic that goes on the slideshow, and best part is - any changes done on the slideshow itself results in updated version being shown on the android devices. Although usually requires a restart of the device to pull the new slideshow.

    If you get something underpowered (you don't really need anything powerful tbh) - you can use the TVs USB port to feed it power, which is nice, cause restarting the TV would also restart the said device and update the feed shown.

    Edit: forgot to add - you also need to install some sort of app that automatically starts the google slideshow app on the android devices after reboot. There is a plethora of those available though, so shouldn't be a big problem finding one :-)

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    I guess simplest way would be dedicate VPS or server to use as master, run there your software with your maps and distribute it over the LAN using OBS:

    Desktop screen from master server would be distributed over all devices which is connected to LAN. And it is also possible distribute your screen over the internet if you run public video streaming server.

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