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Hetzner Storage Box Alternatives?
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Hetzner Storage Box Alternatives?

Hi guys,
I would like to know some alternatives to Hetzner Storage Box.
The price of HSB is really sweet, but the point is I can't pass the real-name verification, even I've submitted my ID card. It just not working. Sending mail to [email protected] was also not working.
So I was like "fuck it, I'm not gonna use hetzner."
Here are my requirements.

500GB - 1TB Storage (HDD is okay)
> 1Gbps connection (can be shared)
Support FTP, SFTP, SCP, RSYNC etc. (Actually only rsync is enough, others are nice to have)
Good connection to United States (I'm using it as my backup)

My expected price is around 2-3€ per TB, not higher than 5€/TB. (I am looking for usable solutions to replace my really sucked OneProvider machine, which costs 4.99€ and have 1TB storage.)


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