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[Feedback?] OVH & Bring your IP addresses feature
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[Feedback?] OVH & Bring your IP addresses feature

FlorinMarianFlorinMarian Member, Patron Provider
edited August 2 in General

Hi, there!

I recently discovered that the newer OVH accepts you to migrate your own subnets to their network, at no extra cost compared to rented servers.

Does anyone here use this feature?

I tried to contact the OVH staff regarding this topic but, as usual, the level 1 staff has minimal knowledge and gave me a completely nonsense answer.

P.S. I am looking for alternatives for migrating two /24 subnets to allow me to expand the network because we currently have many free hardware resources in the current locations.

Any idea, suggestion or criticism is welcome :)

OVH docs: provides a service for,available in restricted access mode.

P.S. A moderator is requested to move this topic to "Offtopic" because accidentally the scroll did not keep its position.

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