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Is Backblaze B2 like OneDrive with GUI
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Is Backblaze B2 like OneDrive with GUI

aliletalilet Member

Is Backblaze B2 cloud storage comes with GUI like OneDrive to upload download files?

Or at least web based GUI? Or is it a specialized storage like S3 (haven't used S3 but I guess it doesn't have a file manager to access files)


  • You can use or
    Backblaze also has a web GUI but I prefer desktop client for parallel uploads

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  • resocketresocket Member

    Both B2 and S3 have web GUIs.

  • All the B2, S3 stuff I can't help but mention @yoursunny.
    P9 plan - push ups over ethernet. Jumbo frames welcome.

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  • No. It has a web UI but it's mostly for usage with some client and it doesn't do suncing like OneDrive.

  • tjntjn Member
    edited July 30

    B2 is more like S3 - designed to be used as object storage.

    Unline OneDrive, it doesn't have its own sync client that you can install and have it automatically sync files/folders to it. You'd need to use third-party software, like @quanhua92 mentioned.

    It does have a web-gui for you to create buckets and upload folders, but I personally wouldn't use it that way.

    Also, B2 does charge you to download your files.

    If you're looking for a simple solution to sync your files and store them in the cloud, I would stick to OneDrive, Gdrive, Dropbox, etc...

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  • I suggest you use MinIO client to synchronize files.

  • Example:

    mc mirror --remove --overwrite .\localpath\ s3/remotepath

    Reference link:

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  • marianmarian Member

    why not signup and test it yourself to see if it meets your requirements? first 10GB of storage are free - plenty of room to test it.

  • aliletalilet Member
    edited July 31

    It seems Backblaze B2 is the cheapest when you consider the following:

    1. Pay as you go
    2. Ease of use
    3. Cost

    I found out that Scaleway Glacier is even cheaper but it is not easy to use.

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