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OVH RISE-3-11 opinions
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OVH RISE-3-11 opinions

I'm thinking of consolidating a few of my servers in to a single OVHCloud RISE-3-11 (Xeon E-2288G, 64Gb) but the only way I can justify the cost is to sign up for 24 months and pay upfront to get the most possible discount. I can this for £126 per month, it will be used various web sites and Jellyfin streaming so I need pretty good single core performance.

Does anyone know if this comes with a full IPMI KVM and if there any deals out there get the price down? Any resellers etc?


PS. I dont want a discussion about the 24 month lock-in, I'm aware of the downsides!


  • infplusinfplus Member

    I recommend you to use Advance-1, it is more powerful and cheaper.

  • You can check with Andy he resell OVH and other company server .

  • Great advice, The advance-1 server is much better! Thanks

  • Smith42Smith42 Member
    edited July 26

    @HLingonberry said:
    Great advice, The advance-1 server is much better! Thanks

    Just so you know, the G in E-2386G on the ADV-1 doesn't work (Intel iGPU is disabled)

  • ralfralf Member
    edited July 26

    If you don't need to max out your CPU all the time, you might want to check @Shakib and HostCram out. Their KVM-6C should have a similar multi-core score and substantially better single core, and at a much cheaper price (but of course it also has a fair use policy). For comparison, the Killer KVM-3C gives 7264 single core, 18063 multi core for GB4.

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  • ShakibShakib Member, Patron Provider

    i9-11900K, 32 GB DDR4 RAM, 500 GB NVMe dedicated server will cost you $84 month.

    If you prepay for 6 months, I can get you upgraded to 64 GB RAM.

    Otherwise it will cost $104 month with 64G RAM.

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