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★ LightNode ★ New Nodes: | Greece | Bulgaria | Bahrain | KVM | SSD | A Flash Coupon
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★ LightNode ★ New Nodes: | Greece | Bulgaria | Bahrain | KVM | SSD | A Flash Coupon

LightNodeLightNode Member, Patron Provider

Hello, LET!

LightNode aims to provide services to users worldwide. Now we are even closer to the goal!

This month we added 3 new nodes to LightNode


Sofia, Bulgaria

Athens, Greece



1 x vCPU Core

50 GB Pure SSD Storage

1000GB Monthly Bandwidth

1 Dedicated IPv4 Address


Order now

Speed test

Location: Bahrain

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Location: Athens, Greece

Payment method

PayPal, Visa, Master, Google Pay, Express, Alipay, UnionPay

A flash coupon

Extra 20% bonus on recharge ( The first 100 users )

LightNode random bonus

Get $5.00 to $20.00 Free. LightNode will add a random amount of $5.00 to $20.00 to your initial deposit (“recharge”).

How to order

  1. Register or log in to an account.

  2. Log in to the user console.


  4. Recharge

  5. Finally, you will have an additional 20% dollar in your account.

Friendly reminder

  1. At present, the new network segment of the new nodes has just been launched, and many third-party websites have not yet completed the IP data update.

    It is recommended that you go to the ARIN official whois database to query the IP attribution information.

    If your business has a strong demand for IP attribution information, please choose carefully in the short term.

    We also recommend several third-party websites with more timely updates of IP information for reference.

  2. Do not support free trials.

Thank you for your attention and support. We will launch more popular nodes in the future, so stay tuned.



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