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Cheap $2 - $3 VPS (1-2tb b/w, dedicated ipv4, EU) (Payment via monero)
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Cheap $2 - $3 VPS (1-2tb b/w, dedicated ipv4, EU) (Payment via monero)

supertalk1supertalk1 Member
edited July 16 in Requests

Apologies for remaking the thread, but is there anyone who can provide the above with the payment of choice being monero? Looking for EU locations (hungary,romania etc). I will need looking glass to see how peering is to me as well if possible. Interested in 3 to 6 months depending on price.

Thank you.


  • If you don't mind OVZ and can spend up to an extra buck, @Cam and @Abd both have reliable VPS's in europe. Neither of them support Monero, but you can always use a service like evonax and exchange XMR for any other crypto.

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  • junojuno Member

    @Abd does support monero

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  • pm you

  • AbdAbd Member, Patron Provider

    Thanks for the tag.
    We have two locations in eu - France & Poland
    We accept Monero

  • c1vhostingc1vhosting Member, Host Rep

    we can provide it and accept XMR.

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