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Is there any cheap, high-traffic, host recommendation in the Asia-Pacific region?
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Is there any cheap, high-traffic, host recommendation in the Asia-Pacific region?

JcyJcy Member

Regional priority Asia Pacific Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore these
The configuration does not need to be very high, the traffic is more, it is used as a springboard
Annual payment is cheaper


  • FAT32FAT32 Administrator, Deal Compiler Extraordinaire

    If you just want cheapest bandwidth (not optimised routes), there isn't any other providers than Contabo

    Thanked by 2Jcy lowendclient
  • OVH singapore

  • AC_FanAC_Fan Member

    RackNerd Shared Hosting promo and Contabo.

  • speedypagespeedypage Member, Patron Provider

    How much traffic do you actually need?

  • JcyJcy Member

    @speedypage said:
    How much traffic do you actually need?

    At present, 1Tib is enough, mainly because of the price, which is used for traffic forwarding in other regions.

  • risharderisharde Member

    A springboard, interesting that sounds new to me.

    Maybe also @NDTN might be able to hook you up with something from greencloud vps line?

  • lowendclientlowendclient Member
    edited July 15

    Depends on where you located, if in China, there's no much choice but providers who uses Chinese upstreams.
    xtom (greencloud-tokyo, virmach-tokyo)
    dmit (
    other mainland china hosting companies

    For proxy only (No china direct connect needed) you can try:
    m247 (onevps-tokyo)

  • visualwebtechnologiesvisualwebtechnologies Member, Patron Provider

    Please clarify how much bandwidth you need spend first

  • miaumiau Member
    edited July 15

    Oracle free. 1tb isnt that much even in Asia I dont think they even care.

  • stvnastvna Member
    edited July 15

    Leaseweb lowest plan (gp micro) has 4 TB traffic.

  • speedypagespeedypage Member, Patron Provider

    We will be launching Singapore on August 1st, I know this is quite a while away and understand if you cannot wait however if you can post more detail regarding the exact resources you require and how much you wish to spend - this may be helpful!

    It'd be based on Ryzen 5950X machines.

  • xTomxTom Member, Patron Provider

    We have the following locations in APAC:

    Hong Kong

    You can check the network here and pricing here.

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