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Is reliable?
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Is reliable?

I ordered a dedicated server from on 16th of June in the New York location. The server was supposed to be povisioned in under 10 minutes but took more than 3 hours. Even then I did not receive the server details via mail. I has to contact their customer care to find out they have a separate domain for server administartion.

Once I logged into the server, I ran and to my surprise I found their network was massively abused. The upload speeds to Dallas and Los Angeles were less than 20 Mbps. This was way less than the advertised 1 Gbps. I mean I dont need to utilise 1Gbps but atleast I expect a human usable speed.
Here is a screenshot of the same:

I contacted their support and they kep on escalating it to one another. Until Radic, the owner of relaibale site replied. According to him, they are not reponsible for the speed out of their data center. I requested for a refund and they did not accept it.

The next day, I downloaded a file from the server and I was shocked to see the download speed average around 100 KBps on my 100Mbps connection in India. Heres a screenshot of the download speed from their New York datacenter.

I just want to know if the upload speeds in the screenshot seems reasonable for a 1Gbps dedicated server.


  • corbpiecorbpie Member

    A result shouldn't be the sole conclusion that the network is performing poorly

  • 1 Gbps Unmetered Bandwidth with that price may shared by 10,000 users.

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    I've never had any serious issues with RS.

    The one time I did have an issue - it was a faulty NIC, which was identified and replaced super fast by support.

    Your speeds don't look great. I can easily push close to a gigabit.

    As for your own ISP having connectivity issues towards the server - that would be a problem with your ISP, not RS.

    But they definitely need to look at the general speeds.

    All that being said - try running iperf3 on the server and see if the problem with reported speeds is with RS or with speedtest being stupid/speedtest servers being overloaded.

    Reliable Site is about as reliable as it gets. Radic runs a tight ship, and his services are amazing.

  • show YABS that's the best test

  • yoursunnyyoursunny Member, IPv6 Advocate

    They are reliable, as the name suggests.

  • ArkasArkas Member, Moderator

    Oh man, the title on this one is wasted on the irony it potentially has :wink:

  • lovejeetlovejeet Member
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    I have used vps from linode,hetzner,netcup,aws,digitalocean,vultr and more. The first thing I do on a server is run Never have I seen upload speeds less than 300Mbps on any of those service providers. This here is a dedicated server and I did not expect such upload speeds.

    I even did a speedtest comparison from aws and linode. There was no such issue with upload speeds in results from new york location.

    Although performance wise the server is ok, its the networking that has issues.

  • CalmDownCalmDown Member
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    As @cybertech told, run YABS.

    It uses iperf which is the correct way to test network speed.

  • MikePTMikePT Member, Moderator, Patron Provider


    Let's allow Mr Radic to clarify this.

    My experience with Reliablesite was fantastic. I moved out because I had to upgrade our LA server and Reliablesite couldn't price match what I was looking for, or else I would have stayed there. I kept our server there for three years or close to.

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  • MrRadicMrRadic Member, Patron Provider

    Waste of time replying, he's spamming this everywhere he can as revenge for losing a chargeback. He's just going to drag it on as long as he can.

    We offer test files/IPs prior to purchase. Unfortunately we cannot push 1 Gbps to India from the US on a single thread, this was easily tested before purchase.

    You can close this thread.

  • ArkasArkas Member, Moderator
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    I'm closing this thread.

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