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Windows VPS? Central US
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Windows VPS? Central US

iNanjaiNanja Member

I spend almost $200 a year on these amazing deals from this community, I want to cancel all of them to make a move to Windows Server. So it is roughly around $15 a month on these servers.

The only sad part is that all the servers are all running Linux. I am trying to learn how to code in c#. Currently, I am using putty for .NET in Linux, but it really is a hassle. I imagine learning in a Windows Server would be better?

So far...

The best price I see is Contabo? They have 4 cores, 8gb ram, 200 SSD, and Windows 2022 datacenter. After selecting that, it comes out to $17.23 + a setup fee.

I would like those specs from Contabo if at all possible, but without setup fee and $15 or less a Month and in Central US.

To save some money, perhaps someone knows of a VPS company that doesn't exclusively sell windows on a VPS, but you can install windows server on the VPS?

I don't know anything about Docker, I have never used it? Would installing that on a Linux be more beneficial? Instead of getting a Windows based VPS?

Any help/offers appreciated!


  • spiritlhlspiritlhl Member
    edited June 23

    If you want to use docker, it is recommended to learn and use it on linux system. I have no experience in installing it on windows server, and my friends basically only use docker on linux. I heard that the occupancy of docker will be higher on windows server, and I don't know if it is true.

  • NDTNNDTN Patron Provider, Top Host

    You can take a look at our Windows VPS offers here:
    We have Windows license included.

  • You can checkout Prem Service provider

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  • egoldegold Member


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