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A free BGP looking glass
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A free BGP looking glass

SplitIceSplitIce Member, Host Rep
edited June 20 in General

I present to you a hyperglass service with BGP nodes hosted (by us) in nearly all Vultr PoPs. Originally built for internal use (speeding up BGP route lookups during investigations) however after realizing that this would be something useful to provide to the wider community available to all.


This is not to be confused with the looking glass for our network.

With this you can perform outgoing (full) BGP table lookups from many locations around the world quickly. Transit wise primarily this primarily receives best routes from GTT and NTT (as Vultr is GTT and NTT heavy).

Currently limited to Vultr PoPs as we have many nodes with them available for other purposes (and with free resources).

For those interested the remote Vultr agents are running on k3s clusters. The centeral hyperglass instance is itself is running in k8s. And yes it took alot longer than estimated to setup. Hyperglass is strangely heavy software, and full BGP route tables requires a fairly decent amount of ram.

As with everything free, don't be a dick applies.


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