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Searching for colocation Amsterdam @ NIKHEF
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Searching for colocation Amsterdam @ NIKHEF

vm_jevm_je Member

Hi folks,

I looking for a colocation at NIKHEF Amsterdam because needed cross-connect to Speed-IX.
Colocation is used for as replacement of existing Amsterdam PoP at Serverius. My plan is to leave Serverius. I already have some quotes but need some to compare.


  • 1U (HP DL360)
  • 150W power (Optional A+B feed)
  • 1 Gbit/s copper shared port faire-use or 25TB traffic
  • OOB port for ILO (vpn access prefered)
  • BGP session v4/v6 - full table (automatic filter updates IRR/RPKI would be good - AS-SET support)
  • Cross-connect fiber (10G) to Speed-IX
  • 3x IPv4 addresses
  • /64 IPv6 subnet
  • Location: NIKHEF Amsterdam
  • Racking service (server will be shipped via DHL including rails, transceivers and necessary cables - just racking, cabling and power on)

Please provide costs for additional cross-connects within NIKHEF.

Please send offers via DM or just at [email protected]



  • xx00xxxx00xx Member

    @LiteServer may can help you

  • DPDP Member, Moderator, The Domain Guy
    edited June 17

    @xx00xx said:
    @LiteServer may can help you

    Aren't they at Serverius as well?

    EDIT: Oh yeah they're at NIKHEF Amsterdam too.

  • DPDP Member, Moderator, The Domain Guy

    @RickBakkr - Will you be able to help with this?

    Thanked by 1RickBakkr
  • HybulaHybula Member, Patron Provider

    NIKHEF doesn't have any rack space available. We where able to get a 1/3 rack by luck. However, you could get colocation from Interxion AMS9 or AMS17 and get a cross-connect to NIKHEF. Equinix AM3+4 will also work.

    Or find someone who will offer you 1U in their rack, but this usually doesn't happen often.

  • vm_jevm_je Member

    I only looking for 1U as written in the start post. For sure I‘m looking for one that have free space available.

    I was already in contact with Rick.

    Interxion or Equinix charge monthly for xc. So, i don‘t care about them.

    Anyone found some free space? :)

  • HybulaHybula Member, Patron Provider

    You're welcome :wink:

  • RickBakkrRickBakkr Member, Patron Provider, LIR

    @vm_je said:
    I was already in contact with Rick.

    @DP said:
    @RickBakkr - Will you be able to help with this?

    Thanks for thinking about us, both :-)

    NIKHEF is only a network PoP for us. Didn’t I forward you to a partner of ours at the time? If not, please bump mail/DM and I will.

    Colocation can be done in DC elsewhere, and transport SPEED-IX if that would be of interest.

  • vm_jevm_je Member

    @RickBakkr you sent me the contact few weeks ago but i got never an reply. Can you reach him?

  • terrahostterrahost Member, Host Rep

    NIKHEF is mostly for networking gear, and they do not want servers there really.

    We're in AMS17 and can offer colo there, but the cross connect fee to NIKHEF is unfortunately as they say, hella expensive, at 175 MRC (1450 NRC!).

    If you're able to get into AMS9, the cross connect is much cheaper at 90 MRC and 450 NRC.

  • vm_jevm_je Member

    @terrahost Thanks, i already got an offer from your side. But as i said, I do not support such high cross-connect cost. In this case i still can go with Serverius because lot cheaper.

  • PjottertjahPjottertjah Member, Host Rep

    Hi! I am able to offer a colocation with a connection to Nikhef and the Speed-IX, might that be interesting for you?

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