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Yunohost/Cloudron/Caprover - Page 2
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  • NekkiNekki Member

    @Erisa said:

    @ralf said:

    @Nekki said:

    @lala_th said:
    @Astro could you please run yabs on your dedi?

    Mayte, just go order one, setup it, YABs it, then cancel it. It’s the LET way.

    Order one, setup it, YABs it, then idle it. It’s the LET way.

    Or transfer it to another LET user for twice the cost, that works too.

    That’s the shithouse way.

    Thanked by 3Erisa Astro lala_th
  • Nekki: Tell me about this perfect dedi, cunt.

    Nekki: Cunt ain’t talking about his dedi

    Astro: It’s on hetzner auction, asswipe. Still there I believe. 1270 - 40TB hdds

    Nekki: Piss poor, was hoping for something new and exciting, shitwizard.

    Astro: What would be new exciting price for a 40tb server for you, dickhead?

    Nekki: It’s not the price that I take issue with, it’s the provider. I was hoping for something I didn’t already know about, jizzflicker.

    Astro: What’s wrong with hetzner, sweatballs?

    Nekki: Nothing (apart from the porn thing), it’s just not interesting because everyone knows about them, assmaster.

    I laughed way too hard at this.

    Thanked by 1Nekki
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