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VPS to share files - Use CPU or RAM?
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VPS to share files - Use CPU or RAM?


I found some VPS with big storage but they have 256MB or ram and strict rules of using the CPU.

So if I upload files and share the direct links with some friends like 10-15 would that be a problem? would that use RAM or CPU?

All they'll do is download the files (right click - save as).



  • It shouldn't be a problem at all. Not even worth considering.

  • Thank you. I just wanted to be sure ;)

  • CloudconeCloudcone Member, Patron Provider

    Look into bandwidth restrictions :)

  • It depends on how you plan to distribute the files.
    The biggest issue you could encounter is I/O if you have many concurrent downloads and little RAM.

  • Depending on your friend's internet speed, and how many are downloading at a time I think the only problems you may encounter is internet speed and maybe HDD stress.

  • @JoeBiss - Use it freely for now untill your VM host provides u any info if you are stressing them. Usually they will have appropriate restrictions in place.

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