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Looking for Dedicated Servers in India
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Looking for Dedicated Servers in India

jetchiragjetchirag Member
edited May 28 in Requests


I'm looking for dedicated servers in India for hosting purpose.


  • E5-2650V3 or above CPU (it's a priority but I don't have high hopes)
  • 64-128GB Ram
  • 7-10TB @ 1Gbps Port (100mbps can be considered)
  • 2x2 or 4x1 TB SSD
  • 5 IPs

Other needs:

  • Reputable Company, good track record
  • Service should be good, parts replacement and technical support
  • Abuse tolerant (atleast 24 hour resolution time)
  • Some kind of DDoS protection is preferred

I'm not sure what my budget should be so it's flexible. It should just be reasonable. Please share any recommendations.



  • hostdarehostdare Member, Patron Provider
    edited May 28

    I do not know current situation but till a few years ago bandwidth port speed was too low with very high cost in india

  • devpdevp Member

    These specs are for mining rig rather than hosting provider.

  • jmaxwelljmaxwell Member

    I'm not sure what my budget should be so it's flexible.


  • bruh21bruh21 Member, Host Rep

    I think maybe @BharatB might have dedis there?

  • BharatBBharatB Member, Patron Provider

    Nah, try @leapswitch instead.

    Thanked by 1leapswitch
  • leapswitchleapswitch Member, Patron Provider

    Thanks @BharatB .

    @jetchirag can provide the exact processor and higher ones + 1G port. PM me with your exact requirement so I can give you a quote.

  • pankaj05pankaj05 Member
    edited May 30

    [Offer made without a Host Rep tag]

    Mod edit (angstrom): You need a Host Rep tag in order to reply to requests. Please see the rules for selling

  • edited May 30

    So much shilling for hostbyte..

    Edit: angstrom to the rescue :-)

  • BoogeymanBoogeyman Member

    @NobodyInteresting said: So much shilling for hostbyte..

    At some point I thought if his quote button was a link to the company.

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