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how to setup raid 0 on soyoustart servers?
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how to setup raid 0 on soyoustart servers?

falconnerfalconner Member

Hello all,
Trying to install fedora on my soyoustart server what I'd like is to have all the disk space available, so instead of soft raid, I'd like for it to be no raid or raid 0.
during the setup process, I have options to have OS installed on the entire disk or use the default partition
however, none of these options results in me having raid 0.
The default installs in a way that I only have half the available storage whilst the other half goes into raid, and the second option where the system is installed on the entire disk, the other disks are not even mounted or assigned anything. I could here I suppose setup a logical volume, and have the rest of the space and disks as a volume group on there, but I then can't mount it to the /home as the system already has that mounted and OS installed etc.
My question is, how would I go about making this into raid 0 instead? I'd like most of the disk space space mounted to the /home folder like at /home.
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated
Thank you


  • Smith42Smith42 Member

    Do /boot and / with RAID 1 (limited space) and /home with RAID 0 (remaining space)

  • I did this.

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  • mhnmhn Member

    Do a new partition, move main partition to raid 0, delete the newly created partition and inspect element the done button to be clickable

  • FalzoFalzo Member

    install as raid 1
    mark 2nd disc faulty and remove it from array
    grow raid array (with single disc) into level 0
    add back 2nd disc and wait foe reshape to finish
    resize filesystem

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  • risharderisharde Patron Provider, Veteran

    Use the IPMI, mount netboot from (virtual cdrom), choose your os install, and partition however you want.

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  • Thank you to everyone that replied, your posts did help me get this sorted.
    I kept on selecting install on single disk, hence I wasn't seeing any raid options.

  • Daniel15Daniel15 Veteran
    edited May 2022

    Why RAID0 rather than an LVM volume? You can format the two disks normally then just create an LVM volume group containing both. You'll likely want a small-ish /boot partition outside the VG.

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