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Virmach Outage!LAKVM26 node has been down for 2.5 months and no one has repaired it - Page 2
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Virmach Outage!LAKVM26 node has been down for 2.5 months and no one has repaired it



  • SirFoxySirFoxy Member

    @emgh said:

    @VirMach said: delays

    @VirMach said: issues

    @VirMach said: doesn't work

    @VirMach said: extreme outage

    virmach in a nutshell

    yeah tldr of the last month is never put anything remotely serious on a virmach or hosthatch server.

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  • ralfralf Member

    How soon MaxKVM has been forgotten...

  • VirMachVirMach Member, Patron Provider

    Final attempt to recover data failed. Recreation without data are proceeding one by one. Around 20 have already been completed. I'm extending everyone's service by 6 months but if anyone feels uncomfortable using our service after this occurred, we can refund you any payments made over the last 6 months and cancel your service if you create a ticket called "LAKVM26 termination and refund." Of course this option will not be available if you have over 6 months of service prepaid, unless you paid with store credit.

    Once all of them are done I'll create a ticket with confirmation and more details.

  • VirMachVirMach Member, Patron Provider

    And once again I apologize this took so long. We've definitely been answering all priority tickets we found that indicated they want a temporary replacement service over the last 2 months and while this is not something we've only worked on, we did make several attempts to recover the data.

    What we should have done is what we usually do in these situations which is more immediately creating a duplicate service for everyone and we definitely did not handle this instance very well.

  • ailiceailice Member

    @ralf said:
    How soon MaxKVM has been forgotten...

    Because it only took less 3 days ;)

  • Virmach is good and cheap

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