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edited May 2022 in General

Lifetime 2TB for $720, just had an email.


Edited as I made a typo


  • emghemgh Member

    No, not that interesting.

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  • AstroAstro Member
    edited May 2022

    Not super exciting though. They are a pretty slow service from my experience. And dont even have a linux client.

  • YKMYKM Member

    @astro you mean a gui client for Linux? You can use sshfs? scp?

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  • AstroAstro Member

    @YKM said:
    @astro you mean a gui client for Linux? You can use sshfs? scp?

    What service are you talking about - I thought was a typo and that you were really talking about

  • YKMYKM Member

    @Astro I made a typo, sorry, is what meant, have edited the post, thanks for the heads up.

  • ErisaErisa Member

    I got a similar offer a few months ago, except it was 1TB for $540

    At the time I calculated that I could use the same amount of money to run a 1TB Hetzner Storage Box for 11.6 years.

    The unique selling points of are not anything I have particular interest in, and the price of storage is only going to get cheaper in the next 10 years, so there is not really much point making that investment for me personally.

  • ChuckChuck Member

    To spend that much of money on something that could be gone who knows when.

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