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Soyoustart and IGST
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Soyoustart and IGST

RolterRolter Member

So i went to renew my servers at soyoustart and for the first time i am seeing an 18% IGST (i am from India). This is the first time i am seeing this with soyoustart.

Looking as Soyoustart is not an Indian company, do they still need to actually add that to my invoice ?

Any help with how to avoid this is much appreciated.


  • Does this mean they’re really opening an Indian location?

  • @caracal said:
    Does this mean they’re really opening an Indian location?

    May be, but still the soyoustart servers i am paying for are billed in euros, adding GST to that wont actually translate directly at all times.

    If they are infact opening Indian location and want to add GST to my invoice, they should show the pricing in INR, not in any other currency.

  • DPDP Administrator, The Domain Guy
    edited April 2022

    @caracal said:
    Does this mean they’re really opening an Indian location?

    Didn't they (OVH)?

  • SaahibSaahib Host Rep, Veteran

    @DP looks like they are using SG as to cater Indian customers as they must be seeing host of client coming from India (that's what appears from that link you gave). So currently they have R&D and India based support with Mumbai based PoP (must be live by now as was supposed to be done in 2020 as per that link) to reduce latency between Indian and rest of the OVH network.
    Asking for IGST means they are close to launch of Indian location for servers. They must be figuring out to make it cheaper as its costly to run a datacenter in India due to multiple reasons including super host weather and costly bandwidth (later part is improving radically now a days).

  • DPDP Administrator, The Domain Guy

    @Saahib said: Mumbai based PoP

    Yeah, looks like it's Equnix MB1.

  • mhosting_inmhosting_in Member
    edited April 2022

    they are shown the IGST number on the invoice or ask them for the IGST number if they are charging.

  • @mhosting_in said:
    ask them for IGST number if they are charging.

    Good point

  • hostnamastehostnamaste Member, Patron Provider

    Yes, OVH has also started to ask by entering your GST number in portal so it looks like they might have registered the company in India, and asking to pay IGST. You should check your Invoice and confirm, they have entered their GST number to get the refund or ask them to provide you.

  • ManishPantManishPant Member, Host Rep

    Dear Customer,

    In order to comply with Indian regulations, please note that OVHcloud services rendered to Indian customers are subject to Indian Goods and Services Tax (GST).

    For Indian residents, GST collection depends on your status:

    For Indian business customers with a valid GST identification number, GST is collected by Indian business customers under the reverse-charge mechanism.
    For Indian customers with no GST identification number, OVHcloud invoices Indian GST.

    Please make sure to update your data in your account profile : if you have valid GST identification number, ensure that you are registered under “Company”, and enter your GST identification number in the appropriate field.

    How to access to it : Control Panel right menu > Manage my account > Edit my profile > Select your account type corresponding to your situation > If you’re a company complete your Goods and Services Tax number (GST) information before confirm your modification.

    This is what I have received in an email from them on 8 April 2022

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