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Seeking suggestions for self hosting apps and it's backups
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Seeking suggestions for self hosting apps and it's backups

abtdwabtdw Member

I run a few self-hosted apps namely, GitLab, Bitwarden, Appwrite. Planning to host a few more like NPM, Ghost for blogging, MailCow, etc (Inspiration credits to the other related thread here).

I am currently using a new user account (with required docker permissions) on Ubuntu for each app that is hosted to make its management easier. Am I doing this right (learned this from Bitwarden docs)? or is there any other recommended way to do this?

Also, I haven't had any backup plans so far, and hence these self-hosted apps are remaining unused for now. What would be the recommended approach to backup these self-hosted apps? Should I just follow the respective app's documentation for backup or is a complete backup of the root/respective user account files enough?

How could I distribute these backups honoring the 321 backup strategies? I have these storage options in hand, 4TB NAS at home, 1TB remote storage VPS and a 1fichier account. Many backup tool options (like rclone, rsync, borgbackup, duplicati, proxmox backup server, etc) are really overwhelming for a beginner like me. Which could be the right combination of tools that would work well for my use case (backing up self-hosted app's data)?

Looking forward to suggestions that would help me get my apps running and help me learn along the way. Help is very much appreciated!


  • There is already an active thread titled “what are you self-hosting” that you'll find a lot of suggestions in, though I recommend sorting your backups first. Do the admin before the fun, then you are less likely to neglect the admin!

    For backups I suggest trying a couple of options on a single part of your stuff to see how they work including full and partial restores, then you can be in a better place to decide what will work best for you (or in a better place to ask more specific questions). You might find that more than one option is better, using a different tool for some things than others, or you might find one that is at least good enough for everything (if not ideal for everything).

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