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Does allow dedicated server transfers and offer cheap IPs?
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Does allow dedicated server transfers and offer cheap IPs?

analoganalog Member
edited March 2022 in Providers


I'm already using and SoYouStart but wanted to give their US locations a try. I was going to get a server setup in VintHill but I couldn't see it on their website:

  • Does (like the other OVH sites) also offer IP space that is sold at a 1 time cost versus monthly? Whats the cost?
  • Are Dedicated servers transferable? I was going to signup to a 24 month commitment which if all goes well I will be using for the full duration. However, it's still good to know if I can get out of it or transfer it if I were to want to.
  • Aside from normal OVH slow / non existant support is there anything to note or worry about using compared to or SoYouStart? This would be my first purchase with that entity directly.

I'd be using their East Coast Vint Hill location; I'd much rather their west coast location but no stock currently for what I want.



  • AdvinAdvin Member, Patron Provider

    Here are the answers to the best of my knowledge:

    • Yes, IP space is sold at $3/IP one time fee.
    • Dedicated servers may or may not be transferable, depends on the representative you ask
    • There isn't really anything noteworthy in my opinion
    Thanked by 1analog
  • Excellent, thanks for the informative reply.

    I'm going into it expecting the typical OVH experience, just wanted to double check that there wasn't some huge problem with their US branch. I'll be going forward with my purchase :)

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