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Recommend support panel (tickets, KB and Livechat)
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Recommend support panel (tickets, KB and Livechat)

risharderisharde Patron Provider, Veteran
edited March 2022 in Help

Hi guys, I am looking for something preferably open source to host a knowledge base and live chat support. The closest thing I came across was chatwoot but the minimum requirements are a bit high - they recommend a machine with at least 4 gb of ram iirc and multiple cores. Quite surprised at such a high requirement so hoping there is an alternative. It's been a bit difficult to find anything that combines both.

Minimum agents: 1 (me)
Though having a higher number would be nice since that means I can add more mods if necessary to support.

The reason for wanting live chat and kb in one is that it would be nice in theory for someone looking for support to find it within a single panel and overall to maintain a single piece of software.



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