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Cheap Managed VPS / Cloud in France.
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Cheap Managed VPS / Cloud in France.

I'm searching for cheap managed VPS / managed Cloud in France for a small project.
I need to start small (cheap) and maybe later growing big with a better tier…


  • How cheap do you want it to be?

  • AK_KWHAK_KWH Member, Patron Provider
    edited March 2022

    We can offer
    Please share few details regarding the project

  • It's for starting a projet of multisite.… it'll not use so much ressources at start.
    Hostinger cloud startup is pretty interesting for me : 12€/mo for 1 year (1 vcpu, a lot of ssd, unlimited bandwith too) but their servers aren't in France, so my ping isn't perfect (25ms)…and I was searching for a better one maybe.

  • 25ms is really good! Also as you talk about "multisite" you should anyway use CDN so this latency doesn't means much.

    I don't know manager VPS / Cloud in France at this time, i mean there is but none that are "cheap". But at least, you can check CloudWays which is made to deploy applications for you and make it easy to setup (it's like an automatic managed service), they support multiple providers and they all are in Europe including some close to France (like DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode for example which has a Frankfurt DC). Choosing AWS or Google Cloud (they have DC in France) will cost you a lot more.

    Take a look on Scaleway and OVH Cloud but they will only have some "flavors" close to your need, but never what you really need.

  • @o_be_one said: 25ms is really good! Also as you talk about "multisite" you should anyway use CDN so this latency doesn't means much.

    yes it's good, but got 15ms on french servers (from my french ISP, so I try to find the best I can ;)

    CDN will be important also if my clients will always be in France do you think?

    Yes I saw Cloudways that can fit my needs, specially with Vultr as they have some french server pinging at 15ms too, I checked.
    The only problem I have is there is 1TB limit by month, and I don't know how my users will use their webs, but I don't want to pay for their bad uses ;) (like local videos embeded on their webs) that's why I was more interested by Hostinger for this reason, but it's 184 euros/year). I will have to check also for the emails management too, probably it's not included. (I'm a newbie for sysadmin)

    But maybe I don't have the need to get more bandwith if I'm restricting the content they put on their webs too…

  • is also even cheaper for multiples server I guess.

  • @pixluser said: The only problem I have is there is 1TB limit by month

    CDN will help you as well with that, and also will help your VPS to struggle less regarding amount of requests. Check CloudFlare i think they even have some tools regarding video hosting.

    @pixluser said: Hostinger for this reason, but it's 184 euros/year

    I remember their pricing to be really agressive on 3y packages for example.

    @pixluser said: emails management

    MXRoute from @jar or you can use something like SimpleLogin (30$/y for unlimited) which is made to create mail forwarders you can answer to!
    Most hosting providers provides mailboxes as well, they work well but youll have to switch between them and you never know how reliable they are regarding spam reputation. So better consider a dedicated provider like MXRoute or SimpleLogin or Annonaddy or other. In case you want to do some mailing list, the best i know from my experience is AWS SES, but for most people over this forum it's MXRoute ; you will have to check limits of any provider you may use (most allow 200 send / day).

    @pixluser said: yes it's good, but got 15ms on french servers

    Imho your issue will not be your ping. There is lot more when we talk about SEO. CDN may help you with SEO, reduce latency overall, helps with TTFB, etc.

    Note: i'm not a web professionnal, i may share wrong informations. I collected my web knowledges around different searchs, my job which run around this as well and my personal experiences. If someone read something wrong in my answer, please contribute ^^.

  • WebProjectWebProject Member, Host Rep

    we can offer the managed service, just contact us and we will be able to provide a custom quote for small project or otherwise the prices are available on our website:

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