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I am Looking vps for video streaming
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I am Looking vps for video streaming

video streaming for member only.

what host allow ?

HDD 500G


  • You should get a dedicated server.

  • 500 GB disk is a lot, wont be in 7$ i think, but can be done.
    khuongcomputer is right, you might get a better (cheaper) deal with a dedi and one disk only, VPSes have speedy smaller disks.
    If you need disk performance too that will be a bit hard, maybe a dedi with a ssd, but that wont be cheap at that size.

  • Shared environment meaning you will share the server with some other people. Provider often put 10 customers on a HDD (for lowend vps), the best I saw was 1 user per HDD at the cost of $90 a month - that's the same amount of a decent dedicated.

    You can just grab a $25 deal of dedicated on LB (volumedrive if I am not missed), and get your own HDD, CPU and a 10TB on 100mbps. Deal! :)

  • We can provide
    *1GB Gurenteed RAM

    *1GB vSWAP

    *500GB SATA2 RAID 10

    *2TB Bandwidth

    For $45/month.

    If intrested PM.


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