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"License Transfer" legit keys for Microsoft 365 (Office + OneDrive), Kaspersky, Bitdefender, ESET
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"License Transfer" legit keys for Microsoft 365 (Office + OneDrive), Kaspersky, Bitdefender, ESET

I have some leftover keys from panic-buying the last couple of days. Basically, I set myself up with 5 years of Microsoft 365 Family, and another 5 years' worth to a family member.

But I also ended up with 2 extra years' worth of 365 and 10 antivirus keys, which I want to sell here. Is that allowed? I spent more than $520 total and am hoping to recover $1xx from the extras.

Everything except the Korean region 365 is from Newegg. No shady online key sites.

(I'm not selling these yet until I get confirmation that it's allowed. Don't PM me plz. I'll only start selling after I write up my terms of sale and buyers can agree to them.)

Will sell at the following prices. Each key is annual (1 year):

  1. 1x$50: Office 365 Home, Korea region, 1 main user + 4 invites, 1TB OneDrive each (total 5TB?)
    (This was for 5 users when it was named Office 365 Home, but since Microsoft changed the name of that to Microsoft 365 Family, I don't know if you actually get 6 users in 2022)

  2. 1x$40: Microsoft 365 Personal, U.S. region, 1 user, 1TB OneDrive

  3. 1x$3: ESET NOD32 Antivirus 2022 Gamer Edition 1 Year / 1 PC

  4. 1x$3: Bitdefender Internet Security 2022 - 1 Year / 1PC

  5. 7x$10: Kaspersky Total Security 2022 1 Year / 5 Devices

I used 3 Newegg accounts, but 1 is shown here for proof:

You can also buy them yourself at Newegg if you want to.


  • You might just get a red colored profile picture as a gift.

  • LoganoLogano Member
    edited February 2022

    @stevewatson301 said:
    You might just get a red colored profile picture as a gift.

    That's the thing. I read the rules and technically, I don't think I'm doing anything to go against them. Just would rather not to go into a gray area without permission first.

    License Sales Rules
    We only allow sales of owned licenses for products where the vendor supports license transfers. Selling an "account" or a login is not allowed. Note that WHMCS disallowed license transfers in October 2020, so selling WHMCS licenses is no longer allowed on LET.

    Service Transfers
    Posting service transfers do not require any special tags.
    Members can only list 1 service transfer thread per 10 days.
    You need to have been registered for at least 30 days and have at least 25 non-spammy posts to post a service transfer.
    The selling price for the service cannot be more than 2 times the recurring price, or $10, whichever is higher.
    The transfer must be allowed by the provider and done in official methods. Transferring the whole account by changing the account information is not allowed.
    We don't hold any responsibility for potential disputes between the two parties. >Participating in service transfers is at your own risk.

    EDIT: Okay, maybe not the bit about "The transfer must be allowed by the provider" because Microsoft won't like it. But they will be entering the keys into their own accounts which is the official method. Hmmm.

  • BTW, device limits of each user for the 365 plans are:
    unlimited installs/5 concurrent logged-in devices per user

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